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The why behind the goodbye

Instant access to actionable insights through a simple yet powerful exit management platform
Exit Interviews

Departing employees are a source of invaluable information, if leveraged through a robust exit interview process

Automated Insights

Companies that carry out exit interviews often struggle to manage the resulting data and identify key emerging trends

Tangible Actions

Driving change to address causes of staff turnover requires a strategic exit management program with organisational buy-in

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How it works

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Capture more accurate data with multiple touchpoints, focused on determining the true drivers of departure. Utilise a custom built structured questionnaire to inform a more unstructured personal interview with selected leavers.  Adjust responses and receive support with all aspects of the process.


Exit data is dynamically displayed in helpful formats, generating actionable results across the organisation, as well as for specific departments and line managers.  With historic tracking and quick overviews at your fingertips, identify issues as they emerge to help build a culture that engages employees and allows them to thrive.

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How it works

Unlock the value of leaving employees

Harvard Business Review

66% of exit programs lead to no action

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